Global Neurohealth Ventures


Battling diseases of the brain.


Global Neurohealth Ventures is a specialized impact venture capital firm that focuses on investing in, and providing significant support for, early stage clinical neuroscience companies with highly promising breakthrough innovations for treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders.



There are currently 50 million individuals who suffer from dementia, and this number will triple over the next three decades. One in five individuals suffer from a mental illness in their lifetime. There has been a paucity of major breakthrough treatments for psychiatric illnesses for decades, and many neurological diseases remain without effective therapeutic treatments, let alone a cure. This represents a major unmet medical need, and the market for these interventions and therapeutics is as large as any in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Fortunately, a surge in critical technologies in the past few years is serving as rocket fuel for innovation in the clinical neurosciences. A paradigm shift in approach and efficacy is taking place with the advancements in big data, machine/deep learning, rapid and cheap genotyping, the human connectome projects, among many others. There are numerous early stage companies fully capitalizing on these recent advances with highly promising innovations, yet with insufficient funding to move forward. Global Neurohealth Ventures seeks to fill this void by partnering with the most promising companies developing treatments or cures for diseases of the brain. We empower clinical neuroscience entrepreneurs not only through capital, but through the deep and diverse healthcare, neuroscience, and early stage industry experience of the Global Neurohealth Ventures team.



Investment Objective


The investment objective of Global Neurohealth Ventures is to achieve capital appreciation and facilitate breakthrough innovations in clinical neuroscience through investing in, and supporting, highly promising companies addressing major unmet medical needs in neurology and psychiatry.




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